Pending receipt of independent reviews after publication, the following quotes are taken from comments made by people I invited to comment on the manuscript ranging from a second year law student to a retired vicar. Please submit your comments below.

I have been trying to get to grips with the arcane subject of Economics. since March and been helped to a degree by the book 'Doughnut Economics'. But your book is so clear and concise and brings the issues into 3D for me.
I am fascinated by the ideas the book has ‘sparked’ in my mind and how they connect.
I really enjoyed it. When you first sent it, it seemed quite daunting because as you know I am not very well versed on the UK's economic state! But from the first sentence I was able to follow along and understand, I have to put this down to your writing style. It's incredibly engaging and I enjoyed the anecdotes and humour.
It's a gripping read and makes huge sense.
Makes so much sense and could be so timely.
Wow. Carrie emailed me your book this morning and even though I’m only on page 5 I just had to write and say I literally couldn't agree more with everything you've said so far, and honestly, it's like you have read my mind! I only started paying real attention to our political economy back in 2016 with the Brexit Referendum, and since then I’ve been obsessed with the fact that on a global scale our political systems just don't serve the world we live in today and need to be changed on a macro level. I cannot wait to continue reading!!
I'm currently studying banking law which helped me understand this link between politics and the economy. I find your stance very fresh and to be frank, I understand what you are saying more than what my module is providing!

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